Faded Shapes

We'll Be Back

as soon as it's Safe.

Stay Tuned!


As we look at the potential for rain and storms this weekend, we wanted to make everyone aware of our weather policy. We will perform rain or shine...the tent was "battle tested" during storms prior to our opening shows last week and found to be water-tight over both the stage and the audience. The conditions that would cause us to cancel, delay or postpone a performance would be sustained winds in excess of 30mph and/or lightning within a 50-mile radius of the tent and moving in our direction. Under those circumstances, we would either pre-emptively cancel the show or, if the show were already in progress, either pause and evacuate the tent to one of our nearby secure locations (Town Hall, Fire Station) if the conditions looked to be fleeting, or cancel the remainder of the performance if the conditions look to be an ongoing threat. In such instances, patrons would be offered tickets to a future scheduled performance. While cancellations are rare, we are an "outdoor" venue and the safety of our patrons, volunteers and employees is our top priority. So let's all hope for a break in the weather just in time for curtain and go "On With The Show!"