Calling all Nettle Creek Players Alumni.

This year is the 50th Anniversary of Nettle Creek and to commemorate, we have some exciting news.


Ron Wachholtz the Artistic Director and head honcho of the original Players is working with us to stage our celebration. Greg Gasman, our current Artistic Director is putting together a celebratory show that we will be putting on in Richmond, Indiana at the Elstro Plaza on Friday July 9th and then again in Hagerstown, Saturday July 10th at the Meeting Place, the site of our original tent. The show will serve to announce our return after the pandemic shutdown of 2020. It will consist of selections from the 50 years of Nettle Creek productions.

We want any and all of our Alumni who would like to be a part of this event to think about what you would like to perform or share. A Golden Anniversary only happens once. So limber up your vocal chords, muscles and memory. Come be a part of the fun as we give the area a preview of next year's return to the Season Under The Tent.


Open call for actors !!

Nettle Creekers we are celebrating a 50 year anniversary weekend Friday, July 9th and Saturday, July 10th.

Besides gathering with alumni friends, food and fun.. We will be performing a short program of our history, and personal stories, all intertwined with musical numbers.

Please come and join us and share.




Greg Gasman



Ron Wachholtz



Jeff Dickey